Buying vs Leasing a New Car Near Jackson, MS

Jackson MS area Kia financing options

You’ve done your research, right? You’ve completed a test drive, haven’t you? You’ve found the perfect car, haven’t you? Then, it’s time to make another decision: how do you plan to finance your new ride?

At our Jackson, MS, area Kia and Hyundai financing center, our friendly experts are here to help you with all of your car shopping decisions. This, of course, includes the big decision of whether to buy or lease your new vehicle.

Focusing On the Important Factors

Many shoppers have trouble with the difference between a lease and purchase, but our team is here to shed some light on things. When you finance a new car with our team near Jackson, MS, you take out a car loan and begin making payments toward owning your vehicle. For motorists who love to watch their payments shrink or prefer to perform their own maintenance, this tends to be the right choice.

Hyundai financing near Jackson MS

When you lease a vehicle, on the other hand, it remains the property of the dealership; think of it as a long-term rental. This is ideal for drivers who prefer to get into a new vehicle every few years. It also allows motorists to steer clear of the time in a vehicle’s life span when certain repairs tend to crop up.

Whichever choice you make, our team is here to help guide you through it and help you get the quality financing that you deserve! To learn more about your options, or to get the ball rolling toward a new car, be sure to contact MS Car Loans online or to call our team at (877) 964-0040 today.

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